Coyote Ugly Comes to Daytona Beach!


Coyote Ugly Saloon, an internationally recognized nightspot chain known for pretty waitresses who dance on the bar and invite customers to do the same, is opening a Daytona Beach location next week!

The bar’s home will be at 512 Seabreeze Blvd., replacing Voodoo Lounge. It’s also going to be the main draw for Spring Breakers looking for a popular place to party this coming Spring Break 2018. The bar will be an integral part of the Daytonamaniac VIP Card Program, a card that allows free entry into various events and bars throughout a Spring Breaker’s week in Daytona.

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Coyote Ugly in Daytona Beach will very much be modeled after Panama City Beach’s successful operation and other similar beach cities. Spring Breakers love Coyote Ugly in Panama City Beach and in Destin – a nearby location.

This bar will definitely be one of the more visible additions to the area, primarily for “the show” aspect that Coyote Ugly is known for. That show involves attractive female bartenders who dance atop the bar in choreographed routines to popular songs. It’s not a strip show, rather, it’s a place where bartenders get up and do choreography to signature songs, but they also invite customers up to dance.

As mentioned, the bar will get its first major door crash experience when Spring Break rolls into town in March 2018. Get ready to party!

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