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The Original & Most Popular VIP CARD For Over 25 Years

ON SALE NOW! When you have your Maniac VIP Card, you get access to all of the biggest and most talked about Spring Break parties and events. And best of all, you’ll save a lot of money doing so. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to party with thousands!

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase and use the benefits of the VIP Card during Spring Break.  The Maniac VIP Card is a week long event and activities program.  Buy the most talked about Spring Break events card and receive over $300 of value including the BEACH BASH MUSIC FEST CONCERT!

NOTE: The VIP cards once purchased will not be mailed. The VIP cards can be picked up using the voucher you will be emailed once the transaction is complete. Please remember to bring your ID and voucher with you once you arrive in your destination so that the cards can be issued to you.

Benefits You Receive

  • Party with thousands of students at the hottest bars & the biggest parties
  • FREE cover charges at the most popular Spring Break beach clubs ($300 value)
  • Complimentary Beverages during select times ($300 value)
  • DISCOUNTED Beach Bash Music Fest Concert ($40 value)
  • Huge discounts at the BEST restaurants & stores (Save big $$)
  • Card is valid for everyone 18 years old and older. (You must be 21 to consume alcohol)
  • PANAMA CITY BEACH: FREE cover charge to Hammerhead Fred’s famous “Glow Paint Party”! ($30 value)
  • PANAMA CITY BEACH: FREE cover charge to Hammerhead Fred’s famous Wet & Wild Foam Party ($30 value) (NON PEAK WEEKS)

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