Official Souvenir Spring Break T-Shirt Design Revealed

Collegiate Marketing Group, Gildan Activewear and Panamaniac Club Card – Spring Break’s number one selling events program – have partnered together to produce and will distribute this year’s annual Spring Break souvenir T-shirt.

Spring Break and free T-shirts have been synonymous with each other for decades. It’s the one souvenir spring breakers expect to come home with – a badge of honor proving they attended the number one student party of the year.

Gildan Activewear is providing 30,000 high quality shirts which will have a unique Spring Break themed design on the front, along with the five main club logos that make up the Panamaniac Club Card signature sponsors. The Gildan logo will be placed on the front of the shirt as well, along with the website address.

The souvenir shirts will be given away free during the month of March to students as a thank you for continuing to make the Panamaniac Club Card and its affiliated events Panama City Beach’s number one selling program each year. The shirts will be available at multiple locations including hotels, clubs, events, and on the beach.

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