Promote Your Brand With Us During Spring Break!

Looking beyond the parties and craziness that Spring Break comes with, brands are focusing on Spring Break as an opportunity to connect with tens of thousands of college students in a meaningful way – and in this case, it is by allowing students to experience their brand in a way that directly correlates to what Spring Break is all about: “fun”.

Popular brands such as Rockstar Energy Drink, Mountain Dew, Four Loko and countless others have all taken advantage of premiere Spring Break destinations including Panama City Beach, connecting with students in a relevant way in the hopes of building long lasting brand loyalty.

Brand activations may include concert-style stage set-ups, comfortable beach lounges, product sampling and of course, plenty of music, while hotel pool decks are also decked out with stages, DJ music, and branded booth ‘look and feel’ set-ups.

Brands see Spring Break as a vital contributor to their word-of-mouth success. Activations that are able to engage with students via any form of an experiential tactic are more likely to succeed in having student “influencers” take that brand experience back home to their college friends on campus.

Brands that offer more “engagement” and allow for someone to “experience” a product are more likely to succeed. For example, Rockstar Energy Drink not only gave away free product samples during their month long promotion in South Padre Island, they conducted a variety of daily contests and beach entertainment, giving away valued swag which in turn really connected with students.

CMG Media Agency has become a leader in the student marketing space and works with brands all year round to help connect them with students. CMG has overseen dozens of major brand activations and event programs over last several years with a purpose to create a fun and memorable atmosphere in which college students can react positively to. The goal is to deliver an authentic message on behalf of our clients in order to have our targeted consumer leaving with an impression that will stretch far beyond Spring Break.

By activating with CMG during Spring Break, brands have access to a variety of proven success services and strategies specifically geared towards reaching the college demographic.

Our strong and wide networking range allows us to team up with the biggest and best located condos and hotels, the most popular night clubs, and today’s hottest celebrities in order to provide our clients with an unmatched capability to reach their market. It’s an experience your company shouldn’t miss out on!

CMG’s Spring Break services and opportunities for your brand can include:

– Beach Branding

– Stage and Concert Events

– Activity Sponsorship

– Club Events

– Sampling and Swag Giveaways

– Hotel Property Partnerships

– Digital Advertising

– Social Media Campaigns

For more information on how you can activate your brand with CMG, please connect with us at

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