Daytona Beach Spring Break 2018 Plans Are Underway!

If Spring Break 2017 was any indication that Daytona Beach is back among being one of the hottest Spring Break destinations, just wait till you see what we have planned for 2018!!

Plans for a bigger, better, more exciting Spring Break 2018 have begun and there’s promising news that amazing things are in the works!

We’ve worked hard to help re-build Daytona Beach as a premiere Spring Break destination, courtesy of the Daytonamaniac VIP Card, which made its debut in 2017 and will be back again – only better – in 2018!

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So, what can we expect in 2018? More high profile live concerts, even bigger and better nightly and daily events, bigger brands and giveaways, and more savings offered to students.

Spring Break is the largest student event of the year, with an average student base of 2 million traveling to various destinations and Daytona Beach plans to continue with its intent to make this a massive destination once again!

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