Padremaniac VIP Cards Still at a Discount

Even though the summer early-bird sale is done and over with, the 2018 Padremaniac VIP Card is still on sale for a very good price!

At $59.99, you’ll have until October 15 to purchase your card for this price before it goes up again. So don’t wait, get your card now and rest assured that you saved $20 on your purchase!

After all, this is Spring Break’s hottest selling VIP Card that features the hottest parties, the biggest concerts, the best clubs, and of course, Rockstar Beach!

So why wouldn’t you want to get it?!!

With Spring Break 2018 now being planned and rooms now available, the Padremaniac VIP Club Card is now officially on sale at the padremaniac website!


Just like earlier this year, the Padremaniac Club Card is providing more value. When you purchase your card, you’ll be able to attend the Beach Bash Music Fest free!

Capitalize on this amazing offer and save as much as you can by purchasing your card online before the cost goes up.

This ultimate Spring Break VIP program offers perks that include but are not just limited to:

  • A full week’s schedule of FREE daily and nightly parties
  • High profile events at the biggest and best clubs on the beach!
  • Free Beach Bash Music Fest Entry!
  • Free Entry into Rockstar Beach EVERY DAY!
  • Premium giveaways
  • Major discounts
  • Free Spring Break 2017 Souvenir T-Shirt!

If saving money is among your main priorities, the PadreManiac Club Card is what you need.

Partying during Spring Break is a big deal and South Padre Island makes no exceptions.


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