Time is Running Out on Spring Break 2015 Panamaniac VIP Club Card Discount Offer

Time is quickly running out on our discount offer on the 2015 Panamaniac VIP Club Card. Until December 31st, save $5 when you pre-order your card online at www.panamaniacclubcard.com and use Promo Code PAN-5.

The Panamaniac Club Card is Spring Break’s ultimate VIP Program and allows you to enjoy perks that include a full week’s schedule of FREE daily and nightly parties and high profile events at the biggest and best clubs on the beach! Don’t pay any cover charges!

In addition, card holders get

  • Premium giveaway and swag items
  • Triple the amount of discounts
  • Free Shuttle Rides to and from all our events
  • Free Spring Break T-Shirt!

Get the card and you’ll save over $300 in cover charges by the time the week is over.

Avoid the rush when you get on the beach and purchase your 2015 Spring Break Panamaniac Club Card online. And until December 31st, use promo code PAN-5 to receive $5 off your purchase!

Please click here to purchase your discounted card online right now

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