3 Easy Ways to Save on Your Spring Break

So you’re ready for the Panama City Beach Spring Break experience
That means you’re already not wasting money on flights overseas when you can party just as hard, right here at home.
Good start. But, if you’re not careful, Spring Break can still get pricey.

Shelling out for a Cover Charge every night AND having to buy drinks can all start to add up over a week.
You’re one step ahead by looking at the Panamaniac Club Card which gets you in to Panama City Beaches hottest bars, and best Spring Break parties.

Now that we’ve established you’re a smart spender… Let’s check out 3 easy ways you can SAVE BIG, and still have a kickass week!

1. Book Early

While this should be common sense, it’s amazing how many people still wait until the last minute to book a place to stay.

The later you leave it to book, the more expensive your accommodation will be. No matter where you stay.

Know this, just one day can make as much as $30/night difference. So when you call and get rates somewhere, check with all your friends, and then call back the next day – you may not be guaranteed the same price!

The less availability the place has, the higher the rates will be. It’s that simple.

This is more significant the closer it is to your arrival date, but if you can be organized and book months ahead (say November / December) then you could be paying HUNDREDS less for the EXACT SAME ROOM than people who book a few weeks before they arrive.

2. Split a Larger Room / Condo / Beach House With Friends

This is another common-sense kinda point.

If you can find somewhere that sleeps larger groups up to 10 people or more, then it’s gonna work out much cheaper to split that cost between everyone.

Think about that for a second… Get a bigger place, for less money – and stay with your friends.

If that’s not the perfect example of a win-win, we don’t know what is.

TIP: Try to find somewhere that rents Condos, Beach Houses, Villa Townhouses right on the beach.

3. Stay Somewhere With Stuff to do

First of all, it’s a hassle to have to figure out where to go every day, wait for everyone to wake up / recover from the night before, and drive somewhere.
Add the cost of gas and parking on top of that, and it doesn’t sound so great any more.

There are a few Resort-Hotels that specifically cater to Spring Breakers, and know how to put a party on day and night.

They will have a large deck area, multiple pools, pool parties, DJs, Games & Contests, Corporate Sponsors with free stuff to giveaway, and there will be a Spring Break vibe.

THAT’S the kinda place you need to stay. You’ll have a better week because of it.

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