5 Simple Ways to Avoid Trouble on Spring Break

With the exception of your waitress at the Waffle House, you probably don’t want to run into ANYBODY in a uniform all week.

Uniforms mean cops, and cops mean tickets and citations…

So here are 5 useful ways you can avoid that drama altogether, making your only worry who to hook up with.


Keep it Classy

There’s a pretty fine line between blowing off some steam, and acting the fool.

Hopefully you’re surrounded by good friends who will remind you of that line, and keep you in check if you’re having a little too much fun.

However, Johnny Law is always on the lookout for anybody who acts in a disorderly manner, which includes;

  • disturbing the peace;
  • placing yourself or others in harm’s way;
  • fighting;
  • public displays of nudity.

Just remember, they do have good eyesight, and they won’t think twice about issuing you a citation and putting a serious downer on your “good time”.


Cruise With Care

Cruising along the strip is a classic Panama City Beach Spring Break tradition. But no matter how clean your truck is, riding on the exterior of a vehicle is actually against the law.

“The exterior” includes;

  • roof / sunroof;
  • the hood (obviously);
  • trunk;
  • bumpers;
  • tailgate;
  • running boards;
  • hanging out of windows.

The Beach Police can also stop you if anybody is standing in the bed of a truck or sitting on the sides of the bed.


It’s 21 to Drink

Panama City Beach, FL is known for being very spring break friendly, and you can get into any bar and club so long as you are 18.

However, the drinking age in Florida is strictly 21, and this is enforced.


You Can’t Drink Just Anywhere

Panama City Beach has always had a law saying that you can’t drink “on or within 50 feet of any road or any public parking lot”. That’s worth thinking about if you had planned to take a drink with you through Pier Park, or while you’re walking the strip…

You might have also heard about a new ordinance that makes it illegal to drink “on the sandy beaches” too. Most beach towns like Daytona, and Ft. Lauderdale etc. have always had this same law in place, so it’s really nothing new or special.

Besides, places like the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort with an enormous back deck, lined with hammocks, and home to the World Famous Tiki Bar are literally just steps from the beach anyway. Spring Break hack.



No Drinking and Driving

This is a no-brainer, but here’s something you might not know…

If you get stopped and pulled over (anywhere in Florida) and there is an open container of alcohol, then the driver AND any passengers can be issued a ticket.

That’s a serious bummer. But not as much of a downer as causing an accident would be.

So just do not drink and drive. Ever.

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