Sandpiper Beacon’s Tiki Bar Partners With Panamaniac Club Card for Spring Break 2016!

Panama City Beach, Florida’s VIP Events and Activities Program has officially partnered with one of Spring Break’s iconic night clubs.

The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort’s Tiki Bar is teaming up with Spring Break’s most identifiable events and party card brand – The Panamaniac Club Card.

With Spring Break in March just on the horizon, businesses are latching onto the Panamaniac Club Card program because of the added exposure and marketing value. The “World Famous” Tiki Bar joins an events and club schedule that will be promoted throughout the entire month of March and into early April.

“We’re pleased to be working with The Tiki Bar,” stated Carm Giardina on behalf of The Panamaniac Club Card Program. “Over the years, Panamaniac has associated itself with some very influential brands and business establishments, and we’re excited that The Tiki Bar has recognized this and has come aboard.”

The Tiki Bar has received legendary status for its massive parties during the month of March, which are open not just to hotel guests of the Sandpiper Beacon, but to all spring breakers. “It’s a very unique and fun place,” said Giardina. “We wanted to associate with it because we know the students already want to go there, so this only adds more quality to our program.”

That program, which includes branded events and VIP parties for students, has been synonymous with Spring Break for over 20 years and recently has received a valued push from students on social media referring to it as the “official club card of Spring Break”.

The Panamaniac brand has plans to continue its growth. “We’ve been Spring Break’s number one VIP events program year after year and we plan to keep going strong,” boasted Giardina. “We can certainly expect more partnerships like this in the future.”

About the Panamaniac Club Card Program:

The Panamaniac Club Card is the number one party and events program for college students on Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida. The card allows students to save money and have fun at premier clubs and events. The program is regarded as a very valuable Spring Break asset. Its popularity and brand recognition is able to be leveraged, inviting other brands to latch themselves onto the program in order to gain exposure for clubs, restaurants and other businesses that offer benefits to card holders.

About the Tiki Bar at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort:

Located directly on the famous sugar white sand of Panama City Beach FL, the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort is the only hotel in Panama City Beach with a large, tropical Tiki Bar right on the actual property, directly behind the hotel, overlooking the beach. Over the years, The Tiki Bar has been regarded not only as a popular tropical bar by day, but also as one of Spring Break’s must go-to places to experience at night.

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