Buy Your Spring Break 2015 Panamaniac VIP Club Card Now!

1759Spring Break’s premiere program and VIP events card in Panama City Beach, Florida is now on sale and can be purchased at

Why get the card?

Perks that include a full week’s schedule of FREE daily and nightly parties and high profile events at the biggest and best clubs on the beach is the best reason why you need to get this card.

Don’t pay the high-priced cover charges if you don’t have to – especially if those cover charges can reach into the $30-$40 range!

Card holders also receive premium swag, triple the amount of discounts at restaurants, beach and surf shops, and attraction hot spots, free shuttle rides to and from the bars, and of course, a Free Spring Break T-Shirt! 

Purchase your Spring Break 2015 Panamaniac VIP card online right now

Remember: this is the official and original party card of Spring Break in PCB. Don’t be fooled by any other card – anything less than the Panamaniac Club Card is just a piece of plastic!

For more information, please visit for all the details on the number one Spring Break program in Panama City Beach.

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