Come Play the Official Spring Break Drinking Game With Us!

We are so happy to announce our partnership with the amazing new drinking game, Dicey!

Dicey has been creating a huge buzz throughout colleges all over the country and we couldn’t be more excited to show you the next big thing in drinking games this Spring Break!

Dicey is 85 drinking mini-games split into four different categories: Group play (the whole group plays the game), Face Off (one-on-one where the group picks the winner), Rule (a rule that lasts a full turn), and Wildcard (CRAZY games that are laugh out loud funny).

The rules are simple. Roll the 12-sided die and whatever color it lands on draw that card and play the game! Think of Dicey as the “Mario Party” of drinking games. For more information please check out the website which has videos on how it all started, how to play, and who the creators are!

The creators are going to be pool side at the Isla Grand Resort, turning up, March 2nd – March 8th. Stop by and play Dicey and get wild with us!

Follow them on social media at and on Instagram @playdicey.


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