Limited Time Offer: Save HUGE on Your Panamaniac Card NOW!

Thanksgiving week usually kicks off our 100 day countdown to Spring Break, and in celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re offering up something you won’t want to pass on.

Right now, and only until midnight on Monday, you can save 50% on the current price of your Spring Break 2018 Panamaniac VIP Club Card! Just enter the Promo Code BLACK50 and start saving!


This is a HUGE opportunity to really save on your Spring Break for next year. Don’t blow this!

With winter about to bear down hard, it’s easy to cope with the low temperatures by imagining yourself on the warm shores of a Spring Break paradise.

Fortunately, Spring Break is just over three months away, which means planning for your getaway should start sooner rather than later. For most college students, finding the right trip means not breaking the bank, so starting early is key in order to find the best deals for your budget.


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