Spring Break is all About Location, Location, Location!

Panama City Beach, Florida is already ideally situated as a Spring Break destination.

Sure, it’s 27 miles of pure white sandy beaches. Yes, it’s next to an endless stretch of glistening emerald green waters. It’s also located in Northwest Florida, making it more accessible by car than some other destinations. Plus the international airport makes it even easier than ever before to get there.

So now all you need to do is pick a place to stay that’s also in the perfect location, within Panama City Beach.

There’s a few boxes to check here if we’re going for the best – and not just settling for the first place you find:

1. Close to a Liquor Store

You’re on a budget, and you’ve got to make those dollars go as far as possible. The bars and clubs can get expensive (especially if you didn’t buy a Panamaniac Club Card). So the closer your hotel is to a liquor store, the more convenient it is 🙂

2. Close to a Grocery Store

You might not be practicing to be next season’s Master Chef, but if you have a hotel room with a kitchen, you can save more of your beef money by making meals in your room. So… The closer you are to a grocery store, the better!

3. Close to Restaurants

You need to eat… whether it’s a strategic pre-game meal to soak up all that alcohol, or an essential recovery meal the next day! So pick somewhere that you can walk to restaurants, or better yet, has an on-site deli & restaurant & ice cream shop…

4. “Beachfront” is key!

Just because a hotel is IN Panama City Beach, doesn’t mean it is ON Panama City Beach.

You want to be staying somewhere that is directly beachfront, i.e. walk out of your room, and straight onto the sand… Some places are across a busy road, or even a few blocks away. That’s not ideal – you only get one spring break – DO IT RIGHT!

So is there anywhere that checks all these boxes?!

At least one place comes to mind…

This place is walking distance to a liquor store, and a grocery store. It has rooms & suites with kitchens, letting you save money by making meals in your room. It has an onsite deli, a restaurant, and an ice cream shop… And, it’s right on the beach!

Plus, it rents to 18+, has an on-site bar that turns into one of the hottest clubs in Panama City Beach every night, AND all registered guests get VIP access all week, with NO lines & NO cover!

The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort & Tiki Bar



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