Panama City Beach Continues its Reign As Top Spring Break Destination!

126It’s never been a joke when we’ve said Panama City Beach is the “Spring Break Capital of the World”.

Panama City Beach, Florida has been voted as the number one Spring Break destination by college students in an official survey.

A recent study, conducted by Collegiate Marketing Group – which manages top Spring Break destination site – polled 5,000 students asking where they plan on heading for Spring Break in March, 2015. Students were asked to compare six popular Spring Break hot spots, including Daytona Beach, FL, South Padre Island, TX, Myrtle Beach, SC, South Beach Miami, FL, Panama City Beach, FL, and Cancun, Mexico (the only non U.S. based destination).

Panama City Beach was voted number one by an overwhelming 87 percent of students polled.

“It’s no mistake that Panama City Beach has been Spring Break’s top destination for the past 20 years,” said Carm Giardina, a representative of Collegiate Marketing Group. “This study continues to make it official.”

The sun and fun destination of Panama City Beach is regarded as one of the southern United States’ hottest travel spots, recording more than six million visitors each and every year. But it is Spring Break that gave this small beach town its place on the map. As Giardina puts it, “Spring Break is the reason the world knows about Panama City Beach, Florida.”

Situated along the Northwest Florida panhandle, “Panama City Beach is easily accessible to just about anyone driving or flying from within east of the Mississippi River,” continued Giardina. “That’s a lot of people that are within close proximity.”

People come to Panama City Beach not just for the amazing beaches and comfortable sub-tropical weather, but for the affordable hotel rates (still relatively cheaper than most other hot spot destinations), and great beach dining experiences.

Students looking to party the night away are treated to Panama City Beach’s elite night life experience, including some of the biggest and best clubs in the U.S. hosting some of the country’s biggest and most talked about events each year. “It’s no secret that this place is a paradise for the college crowd,” said Giardina.

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About Panama City Beach:

Highly regarded as “the best beach this side of paradise”, Panama City Beach offers 27 miles of sugar white sandy beaches, emerald green waters along the shoreline, and boasts an average of 320 days of beautiful sunshine per year.  The weather is sub-tropical, with a year-round temperature averaging 74 degrees, what many would consider perfect weather for relaxing and definitely a key reason why Panama City Beach travel is so popular.

About Collegiate Marketing Group:

Collegiate Marketing Group provides North America-wide services to corporate brands specifically targeting the college market through a variety of experiential services, including strategic social media networking, on-site campus promotions, nation-wide events programming, and Spring Break destination events and promotions. For more specific information, please visit their website at


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